Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chapter 1

I usually think about a thousand millions things, most random, useless and practically useless things, resulting out of boredom and the nothingness to do in the holidays!! This is one such thought that came to me, on a rainy wet June morning…..

We all live our lives, in a way that we choose to be right or at the very least what we think is not wrong. At some point or the other we all come across Math, yes that very subject that gives us nightmares as kids. I realize that there is a connection between these, yes Mathematics and our beloved lives.

Our lives are composed of many things as we all know, people, thoughts, actions, reactions, happiness, anger, joy, satisfaction and the numerous other things that we all cherish! I’ll try and convince anyone reading this that this does make a little sense. In the first part I’ll try my hand at trying to explain how life is differential calculus, the second part though is very complex indeed.

Part One: Life and its integrations**

All of us know integration don’t we? That part of calculus? I hope you do remember a little!

After this point it may make a lot of sense to you, or you might just lose your mind over this…

Now think of your life as a function, a mathematical function, consisting of variables and parameters. Now look at this, ∫(life as a function) d(life) , the limits of this integration would be the time you were born, and consequently the upper limit would be the time you will be dead, sorry to be so dramatic, but we are all going to die!

My friend argues that our life would not be smooth everywhere, and thus the equation can be violated, but I do not know of a way to accommodate those anomalies in my equation, and thus I stop at one integration. I do realize that I am missing multiple correction factors, but yes, this is a start.

Now I hope you start to see the similarities between mathematics and life, but I have more in the store, if you have survived reading until now, I strongly recommend you read on.

Part Two: A simple complex life!

Mathematics has a way of telling you things you don’t know. Life has a way of revealing things you don’t expect at all, this leads me to another striking similarity.

We have all solved equations, no matter what the degree, or how many the parameters involved, it always comes up with solutions. Solutions are answers we seek. So is there a way to decode life’s equation? Is there a method to get the solution? Since a solution is what you cannot expect or guess, I dare compare solutions to our futures.

Probably our life is bound by a equation, which if we solve, we might stumble upon our futures, sadly we do not know the equation as yet, and that is how it should be!

Now for the sake of understanding, let’s say we know the equation. Now think of how many variables would there be…I’ll try to enlist some

Time, choices, thoughts, minds, emotions, places, feelings, qualities, nature of the person involved and on and on and on!

Do realize that this would be and endless equation with millions of variables and thousands of constants, this would probably require a super-computer or for that sake even multiple super-computers!! For all I know and predict this would be the most logical and rational way of predicting our futures and solving all present problems!!

I do not claim that this even exists, this is just a random thought, thought over a rainy morning.

I will blog, as soon this one gets a counter-blog!

-Pranav Bhatkhande